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Our passion for love, love of cars;

Our passion for environment, clean environment;

Our passion for sustainable energy, electric cars.


DAE Motors is committed to make our world more livable and sustainable. We developed technology to make electric vehicles more affordable and run better than conventional international combustion engine cars.

The only way to make an impact on the environment is to have more people use EV. To make more people use EV is to make it affordable. Affordability is the key to save our earth.

affordable ev

Expensive EVs can only make a few elite proud. What makes change and impacts the environment is the affordable EV. 

DAE Motors is the only EV maker in China to use Synchronized Reluctance Motor, not because we cannot afford rare earth magnets, but because the extracting process is very environmentally polluting. By eliminating or reducing it, we contribute the save our environment.

DAE Motors is one of the few to use MOSFET controller. Because of low heat dissipation, the physical size is only half of what the IGBT controller’s. Small size, and lower heat dissipation, all contribute to battery power conservation and ultimately energy conservation.